2015 Playmates Toys Fugitoid Figure Review

In preparation for this weekend’s brand new episode of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, I decided to review the 2015 Fugitoid action figure by Playmates Toys. Of course, if you follow the show, you know that the TMNT are currently in outer space alongside Fugitoid.

Fugitoid has been around since the earliest days of the TMNT Mirage comics. In fact, he was present even prior to the TMNT but gained his popularity by entering the Ninja Turtle universe starting with his guest appearances in issues 5-7 from volume 1. A little over 30 years later, and this character continues to be incorporated into TMNT stories and was introduced into the Nickelodeon cartoon this past Fall.



Professor Zayton Honeycutt, now with his mind trapped inside a Cyborg body and referred to as Fugitoid, has become the newest alley to our turtle heroes in the Nick cartoon series. His vast knowledge of space and genius will aid the TMNT in their battle against the Triceratons.

The Fugitoid figure comes packaged in the newest style Dimension-X blister card. I was very pleased to receive this figure as a gift this past Christmas and couldn’t wait to tear it open. I have always enjoyed the TMNT space arcs and the Fugitoid is just a fun character with an interesting backstory.


The Good: Surprisingly, this figure features more articulation than I expected. Fugitoid has a swivel head, swivel hinged shoulders, swivel hinged hips, along with rotating wrists and ankles. It’s hard to believe but Playmates Toys actually gave this Cyborg better articulation than a lot of the human and mutant characters that they produced. I am also very pleased with the overall sculpt of this figure.


The articulation in the legs/hips really helps if Fugitoid becomes a little stiff and needs to stretch out while flying the TMNT around space.

Although the yellow and black paint apps on Fugitoid are not show accurate, I am happy with the design. It adds character to the figure and doesn’t make the Cyborg body look so bland. Speaking of not being show accurate, Playmates Toys used white plastic for the body instead of the lighter gray color we are used to seeing in the cartoon. The white body looks really cool in my opinion though. Normally I like figures to be as close to show accurate as possible, but I am not bothered in this case. The mouth and eye detail is spot on too. Rather than cheaping out and leaving the mouth a solid black, Playmates painted on some orange digital teeth.



The Not So Good: My biggest complaint with this figure is that getting it to stand can be frustrating. One leg is longer than the other one, as the right leg is bent, and the bottom of the right foot is arched for whatever reason. The figure fell over multiple times while I was trying to photograph it. Once I did get Fugitoid upright, he wasn’t very sturdy due to his arched foot.

I wish too that the arms and legs were more flexible like the bendy part of a straw that they resemble. It would be fun to move the legs and arms around in different positions. Aside from what was mentioned, I really don’t have any other complaints.


Here is a side by side comparison between the 2015 Fugitoid and the 2004 Fugitoid from the 2k3 TMNT cartoon series. Notice that the 2004 version comes with an accessory. It doesn’t bother me that the 2015 version comes without accessories though because there really isn’t a signature accessory or weapon for this particular character. 2004 Fugitoid isn’t the sturdiest figure while on two feet either come to think of it…

I had (or possibly still have?) the 1990 Fugitoid figure but I was unable to locate it. Between my last move, the figure could still be packaged away or perhaps I sold it and it slipped my mind.

I really like this new Fugitoid figure! My fingers are crossed that we still see the release of the Fugitoid spaceship that was seen floating around the web. Unfortunately with Playmates Toys focusing on the new TMNT 2 movie, we will most likely see a delay in Nick cartoon releases. It’s quite possible that we may not even receive some of the figures/vehicles that were on display at Toy Fair, SDCC, or any of the other rumored toys for that matter.

That wraps up another figure review! Be on the lookout for a few more within the coming week. I still have the Mutant Shredders yet and Dark Beaver should be delivered to my door very soon. I plan on visiting Toys R Us this weekend in hopes of picking up some blind bag Megabloks too. Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!





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  1. throwback_turtle Avatar

    Great review! This is one of my favorite figures from the modern Playmates TMNT figures to date!


    1. Master Splinter Avatar

      Thank you! I would have to agree, this is definitely one of Playmates better offerings from the Nick line.

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