Random TMNT Finds Part 6

Before the holidays I saw a lot of TMNT themed items on store shelves and snapped quite a few pictures. Then I became swamped with review write ups, traveling and catching up on other news stories.

I am finally close to being back on track with things. With that said, here are some of those pre-holiday pictures and a little segment that I call Random TMNT Finds.


The first item is a Dollar Tree find. Actually, I just realized that all of the finds this time around are from the Dollar Tree. If you aren’t familiar with the Dollar Tree, everything in the store is, you guessed it, $1.00. There are some gems to be found and surprisingly they have a lot of TMNT stuff, including this sweet plastic cup featuring all four turtles. If I recall, the cup is 20 ounces. This is larger than the TMNT cups that are usually seen at Walmart.


With my next semester of grad school starting up in a little less than two weeks, I think I am going to have to go back to the Dollar Tree and pick up one of these sweet TMNT notebooks! Heck I may go back and buy all three!


If you saw my Christmas 2015 post, you’ll know that these tissues featuring the classic 1987 TMNT cartoon designs were under my tree on December 25th. Six packs of tissues for a buck is a steal in itself…but when you add in the fact that the TMNT grace the front of the packaging…yep, that’s truly robbery!


On the go? Be sure to grab this 48 piece puzzle on the go featuring the Nickelodeon TMNT. Who doesn’t want to put a puzzle together on a bumpy, packed to the brim car ride? Losing those pieces after some clown cuts you off on the highway will sting a lot less knowing that you only paid 100 pennies for the entire puzzle!


This last item has been a staple on my wall for the last 3-4 years. If you ever noticed, calendars are not cheap. Especially when they feature something as cool as the TMNT on them. However, this 2016 calendar from the Dollar Tree will only cost you 4 quarters and will provide you with 12 months of pure joy. Just remember that your Mom gets you one every year so you don’t go out and buy one and take away the fun of unwrapping it on Christmas day!

That wraps up the Dollar Tree edition of Random TMNT Finds! Thank you for reading and be sure to check out this great store if you enjoy TMNT randomness as much as I do.





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