2003 TMNT cartoon to air on Nicktoons channel!

I came across a tweet last night from Nickelodeon and it looks like the 2003 TMNT cartoon will return to TV from Dec. 22nd-Dec. 28th on the Nicktoons channel. Nickelodeon is planning to air the first two seasons of this great series. The episodes will begin at 8:00 p.m. (ET).

This is an awesome series for new or old fans. I loved the entire run, especially the episodes that were adapted from the original comic book issues. What a great holiday gift from Nickelodeon!





2 responses to “2003 TMNT cartoon to air on Nicktoons channel!”

  1. The Sewer Den Avatar

    This is pretty darn cool. Very happy Nickelodeon is doing this. Now, fingers crossed for a DVD/Blu-Ray box set!

  2. Master Splinter Avatar

    My fingers are crossed as well for the DVD/Blu-ray box set! It is long overdue. The 2003 series is my favorite TMNT cartoon. So many good episodes.

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