2016 Mega Bloks Classic Series TMNT Review

Initially I was only going to buy the Nickelodeon blind bag Micro series figures from Mega Bloks, but these Classic Series figures were just too cool to pass up! Between Toys R Us and Walmart, I was able to snag all four turtles. Each figure runs $7.99 at Toys R Us or you can save 13 cents and buy from Walmart at $7.86 a pop.







The price came across as a little steep at first but after I opened them, I felt a lot better about the cost.

All of the figures come with the same pieces for the display stands. The only difference is that each figure has their own unique picture squares (and of course each comes with their own signature weapons).



The Good: These guys are highly articulated! We get head, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle articulation. As for the paint apps, there isn’t a whole lot that needs painted on these figures because the plastic itself is colored. Also, no need for paint for the bandannas, knee pads, belts and elbow and wrist pads as they are removable rubber pieces (which I really like!!).



Speaking of the rubber parts, I am so happy to see that the belts are brown on these guys, as that is the true 87 TMNT cartoon color, and not black like Playmates versions. I dig that Raph has the only belt with sheath’s in the front too, along with Leo and Donnie not having the over-the-shoulder pieces, as this was how they appeared in the old toon. Leo’s belt only has one sheath in the back for both swords to cross as well. Again, this is show accurate!


The holes in the shells fit nicely into the pegs for display purposes as you’ll see below!



The weapons for the Classic turtles are well made. They are a harder plastic material and not all one color. I’m very pleased with Mikey’s nunchucks too as they have plastic chains rather than just being all one piece. The chubby sculpt is also dead on with the not so in-shape cartoon characters we are all used to seeing.



Each turtle’s shell is metal, which is a nice touch too. I think the shells look cool green, rather than brown or black as well. These two things combined create some uniqueness for the Mega Bloks’ designs. Additionally, the company added different facial expressions to the figures. This may seem like a small detail but it helps add some character to each turtle.

I absolutely love the picture squares. The artwork is fantastic and these add a lot to the appearance of the display stands. Each set is easy to build with clear directions so that too is a plus! I never dabbled a whole lot into Lego’s or other toy building brands but I found these very enjoyable to build and recommend them to new and old fans of toys in this style.


I mentioned this in the previous Nick Mega Bloks review but I’ll say it for these too because it is more applicable for these guys. Maskless TMNT just flat out look awesome, in my opinion! Mega Bloks allows us to create those images with these figures due to the eyes being painted underneath each removable bandanna. The eyes are actually tiny holes with white paint around bumped out, sculpted eyes.



It is so cool how all of the Classic/Collector Series sets snap together, creating an awesome looking diorama (this includes the Bebop and Rocksteady sets)! Overall, the stands look great with the sewer lids, picture squares and other cool little pieces. The picture squares are also an easy way of distinguishing between each turtle’s stand. Mega Bloks gives us several pose-able options as well. We can pose the turtles on the pegs or on the sewer lids.




The Not So Good: I previously mentioned how I was happy with the belts being brown. However, I do wish that Mega Bloks would have painted white around each turtle’s letter on the front. I get that it’s a small area but it would have made each letter pop nicely.


My biggest problem with these figures is that they are just flat out hard to pose without falling over. They fit perfectly on their display stands but by themselves, they topple quite easily. The Nick figures were much more stable and easier to pose. I’m not sure if it is due to the heaviness of the metal shells or what the exact reasoning is? Perhaps the leg/feet designs are too small? I hate to even mention it but the articulation in the legs may be causing this issue as well because you have to line up each portion of the leg correctly…


When I opened Mikey, his throwing star was deformed. This was a disappointing sight but I plan on emailing Mega Bloks and hopefully they can send me a new one. I will keep you updated on this, just in case others find this problem in any of their Classic figures. Sadly,when I was putting the stands together, the wrench looking piece also snapped and I hardly applied any pressure to it. I will be emailing Mega Bloks about this too, however, I will offer to pay for this piece as it wasn’t damaged upon opening.

Speaking of the pieces, I wish we got a second little brown piece because they really help with holding the picture squares on the stands (see the top list for which part I am talking about). Well, that’s all I see on these figures that could potentially be improved!



These are very awesome figures and I am absolutely thrilled that I picked them up! I can’t wait to get the Bebop, Rocksteady and Krang sets. Mega Bloks definitely has me hooked on their TMNT figures and playsets, that’s for sure!

To see how the Classic line compares to the Nickelodeon line, along with the Minimates TMNT figures, see the pictures below. Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!







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