Bebop and Rocksteady Cast For TMNT 2

By May 31, 2015News


Bebop and Rocksteady have both been cast for the upcoming TMNT sequel. Gary Anthony will be taking on the role of Bebop while WWE superstar Sheamus will become Rocksteady.

I was surprised when I saw Sheamus cast as Rocksteady but it is exciting at the same time as I am a wrestling fan. It would be real cool if WWE helped advertise the movie as their fan base is quite large and could help a lot.

Several pictures have also leaked out showing us what the human forms of Bebop and Rocksteady will look like. Check them out here! I think they look pretty awesome and I am so excited for this movie!!

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Interesting casting! Can’t help but wonder why they tried to make humanoid Bebop look even more like Mr. T with the newly added necklaces to match the out-of-place and very iconic mohawk.

I hope they dub over Sheamus’ voice. Otherwise I can already hear him slipping in “Duh, I’ll get you next time toitles! And I will kick your arse!”