Bebop and Rocksteady Cast For TMNT 2


Bebop and Rocksteady have both been cast for the upcoming TMNT sequel. Gary Anthony will be taking on the role of Bebop while WWE superstar Sheamus will become Rocksteady.

I was surprised when I saw Sheamus cast as Rocksteady but it is exciting at the same time as I am a wrestling fan. It would be real cool if WWE helped advertise the movie as their fan base is quite large and could help a lot.

Several pictures have also leaked out showing us what the human forms of Bebop and Rocksteady will look like. Check them out here! I think they look pretty awesome and I am so excited for this movie!!






2 responses to “Bebop and Rocksteady Cast For TMNT 2”

  1. Technodarrell Avatar

    Interesting casting! Can’t help but wonder why they tried to make humanoid Bebop look even more like Mr. T with the newly added necklaces to match the out-of-place and very iconic mohawk.

    I hope they dub over Sheamus’ voice. Otherwise I can already hear him slipping in “Duh, I’ll get you next time toitles! And I will kick your arse!”

    1. Master Splinter Avatar

      I’ll be curious to see if they dub over Sheamus’ voice as well. I am guessing that they won’t but time will tell.

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