Mega Construx Shredder’s Throne Battle Review

Hey TMNT fans! I stumbled across a cool Mega Construx set on Amazon called Shredder’s Throne Battle. I swear I’ve seen it online as a mentioned future release but didn’t realize it dropped.

Turns out it was an add-on item and was under $5! A tubular steal that I’m sharing with the world. Enjoy!

Oh and I decided against the NECA ooze canister as I am annoyed they used TCRI like the comics rather than TGRI used in the Secret movie. I might be wrong though and maybe the 1990 movie had TCRI on their ooze?? Funny I’ve watched both movies a million times yet can’t recall if the ooze said TCRI or TGRI in the first one. Guess I’ll have to watch again! Maybe not buying will be my first regret of 2018.





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