NINJA TURTLES SEASON 3, “Battle for New York” Review

By March 16, 2015Reviews


The turtles battled the Kraang this weekend to return order to NYC in a 2 part episode titled “Battle for New York”. In the process, the TMNT joined forces with a new group titled The Mighty Mutanimals, led by none other than Slash.


The Mighty Mutanimals consists of Pigeon Pete, Dr. Rockwell (aka Monkey Brains), Leatherhead and Slash. Both teams struggled to get along with one another but found a way to get the job done.

The TMNT led an attack from the air while The Mighty Mutanimals led a ground attack against the Kraang. Kurtzman was also a part of this episode and was injured during the battle. He played a pivotal role, however, as he had plans on how to dissemble a mutagen missile the Kraang planned to launch on the entire world.

The turtles entered Dimension X to save the people from NYC who were enslaved in the Kraang’s home world. In the end, the TMNT and The Mighty Mutanimals saved the people of NYC, and the world, returned them home and sent the Kraang packing back to Dimension X.

What did I like about this episode? First off, it was awesome seeing The Mighty Mutanimals enter the Nickelodeon universe. More air time for Slash and Leatherhead is a positive. These are two characters who fans seem to really grasp onto, including myself. The turtle blimp being back on TV was sweet too but it did not look anything like Playmates blimp that they released last year.

Savage Mikey, the idea at least, is so ridiculous but I find myself laughing and enjoying his genius in Dimension X. If the figure by Playmates Toys contains paint, I will buy it.

Seeing Irma again was nice but seeing multiple Irmas was not. I was still holding out hope that she was a real person who the Kraang Subprime modeled his look after. Speaking of Kraang Subprime, he’s a worthy opponent and it was good to see him in action too.

The Biotroid’s appearing still gives hope to those wanting to own these butt cannon figures that we saw prototypes of by Playmates Toys.

Overall, “Battle for New York” was pretty solid. There were some things that I didn’t love, such as Mikey being the one to perfect the retromutagen, but other things in throughout this episode were well done.

Is Kraang Subprime dead? When we will see the Kraang again now that they were zapped back to Dimension X? Are the TMNT gearing up to have their final battle with Shredder this season? A lot of unanswered questions and that is how it should be for a TV series. Nickelodeon has done a great job at keeping me wanting more after each episode.


Next Sunday we have an episode titled “Casey Jones VS. The Underworld”. I have a feeling that we will be seeing Hun.

Thank you for reading and be sure to leave your thoughts on “Battle for New York” in the comments.

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