The White Foot Soldier

  • NECA TMNT 1990 Mutagen Canister Prop

    Some exciting news just dropped on NECA’s Instagram page. They will be releasing a 1990 TMNT movie Mutagen Canister in 2018 and pictures have been released! Mutagen!! Interesting that they chose to call it mutagen instead of ooze. Either way, I’m excited to own a canister of the green stuff!

  • Christmas 2017

    Well, here we are December 27th already. Christmas 2017 has come and gone. It was a nice Christmas though and Santa once again delivered some fantastic gifts to the White Foot Soldier. Not much has changed since I was a little soldier. TMNT still is the main staple on my Christmas list. This year was…

  • Review: 1990 Giant TMNT Bootleg Figures

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all! Now that I’m on winter break you’ll be seeing more updates. I just posted a review of the giant 1990 bootleg turtles that I purchased from Mexico early this year. These dudes are great! All of the sloppy paint and googly eyes a bootleg fan could ask for.…

  • 2017 Playmates Toys Usagi Yojimbo XL Figure Review

    Hey TMNT fans! Check out my latest review featuring the new Walmart exclusive Usagi Yojimbo XL figure by Playmates Toys. Happy hunting!

  • TMNT SH Figuarts Not Dead?? Splinter??

    When word broke that the SH Figuarts Shredder, the next figure in the line set for release, was not on display at SDCC many fans panicked. Rumors began to swirl indicating a cancelled line. I’m not saying the rumors aren’t warranted or that we will see Shredder but I returned from the National Sports Collectors…

  • SDCC 2017 Day 1 Update

    After an explosive SDCC preview night, I didn’t think NECA could possibly bring more TMNT excitement to our lives but they hit another grand slam during Day 1. Today NECA revealed the missing figures from their Dimension X display and my assumption was correct as we are getting a Slash and two rock soldiers, Granitor…

  • SDCC 2017 Preview Night

    Tonight there is a preview in San Diego of an event that you may have heard of. That’s right, it’s that time of year again, San Diego Comic Con! SDCC snuck up on me this year. I talked about going, but instead, here I am sitting at Foot headquarters writing about TMNT goodies that are…

  • 2017 Playmates Toys Samurai Usagi Yojimbo Figure Review

    Hey turtle fans, I just posted my review of the new Samurai Usagi Yojimbo figure by Playmates Toys. I’m so excited to add yet another Usagi to my collection. Thank you for watching and happy hunting!

  • 2017 Playmates Toys Samurai Turtles Review

    Hey world! It has been a spell since I have updated the site but I just finished editing and uploading a review of the new Samurai turtles by Playmates Toys. These are in stores now and are pretty rad! Thank you for watching and good luck in your hunt!

  • MONDO Donatello Update

    It appears our wait for MONDO Donnie is coming to an end. Brock, who works for the company, has posted a pic of the samples that have arrived on his Instagram account. Donnie Update I was a bit critical of these when I received my Leo but I’ve grown to like them more and have…