Random TMNT Finds part 1

By December 7, 2014News

Since the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are currently a huge hit and merchandise is seen all over the place, I thought I would start a little segment called “Random TMNT Finds” which will feature anything TMNT related that I come across (and most likely buy cause I can’t resist) while I am out and about. With that said, here is part 1 of Random TMNT Finds.


The first random find are these cool TMNT key chains! They feature the classic Ninja Turtles toon look and are actually quite detailed for their size. You can own the four brothers for $10.00. What’s that? You only want your favorite turtle?


No problem! The key chains come in individual packs too. They will run you $3.99 a pop. I found these at TJ Maxx but I have heard others reporting findings at Big Lots.



With 2015 around the corner and my 2014 TMNT calendar on its last month, Donnie December, I was very pleased to find this Nickelodeon TMNT 12-month wall calendar at the Dollar Tree for a buck!


After searching for the new Playmates Toys Comic Book Turtles at Walmart, I stumbled upon these new TMNT plush dolls. Everything about them was pretty neat until I saw the facial expressions and price tag…the “Teenage Mutant not so sure of themselves Turtles” were a bit overpriced in my book at $24.97. ┬áThese guys measure around 24”.


I have always enjoyed collecting the TMNT Christmas ornaments and was glad to see these on shelves. Walmart had Donatello and Raphael. Judging by Donnie’s posture, he was not happy that Raph was priced higher than him. “Those are great and all White Foot Soldier but I want all four turtles for my Christmas tree!!”



Then head on over to Target, my friend! Oh wait….that is another Raph but Mikey fans will be happy! (Five Below will aid you in adding a little turtle to your Christmas because they actually have all four turtles for $5.00 a piece and they come in nice little boxes.)

Thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed the first installment of Random TMNT Finds!


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