SDCC 2018 TMNT Edition

Now that we’ve had a week to digest all of the crazy cool TMNT products we saw at SDCC this year, let’s discuss some of it.

The big winners in my opinion are NECA and MONDO. Year after year NECA will be king as long as they hold the TMNT license. They revealed the mystery figure for the next TMNT arcade boxset and did not disappoint. It’s Leatherhead if you’ve been living in the sewer and he looks amazing!

On top of that we saw the 1/4 scale Foot Soldier, which is so sick, and found out that we should be seeing Shredder in a month.

Speaking of Shredder, did you see that MONDO Shredder!? The cloth, rather than sculpted, clothing looks so good. Reminds me a little bit of the Mego Lucha figures I had at one point. It’s unique and looks so nice! The Foot, Foot Elite, Casey, and mini Shredder are must haves too!

Basically what it boils down to is I’m going to be flat broke when all of this gets released. NECA also signed a deal with Target and will have some exclusives in GameStop. What all of this means for TMNT fans remains to be seen with Playmates having a stronghold on the license when it comes to retail. However, it appears that NECA’s leash is loosening a bit.

Did I mention that the Rise of the TMNT was grennlit for a second season?? It’s crazy considering an episode hasn’t even aired on Nickelodeon yet. I’m not complaining and even if the show isn’t great, I’m pumped that my boys in green are still relevant in 2018! Cowabunga!!






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