Sick Day Part 2

By April 2, 2015Reviews

At the beginning of March, I discussed a sick day that I had about a month and a half ago. I watched several episodes of the Fred Wolf 1987 cartoon and decided to give them some thought. Here is the second episode that I watched, which is titled “Rhino-Man”.


My first reaction to this episode was “I have a figure of Rhinoman!” Playmates Toys released both Rhinoman and Mighty Bebop figures in 1993. Their appearances are quite different when comparing the released figures to the picture above.

So what was the purpose of this episode? Let me tell you! A millionaire decides to have a superhero contest where he will award the winner with the Malaprop Diamond. Krang and Shredder catch wind and decide to enter Bebop and Rocksteady into the contest in order to get their hands on the diamond. What Shredder and Krang don’t know, Hungerdunger the millionaire in charge, is using the contest as a diversion while he takes over the city.

Needless to say, the four turtle brothers come to the rescue and stop both Shredder and company, along with Hungerdunger.

I have to say that it was rather interesting to see Bebop and Rocksteady as good guys. Let’s face it, they seem harmless when Shredder isn’t putting them up to something. Their appearance doesn’t match their personality in the 1987 cartoon. They brought much humor to this episode and it was another fun story by Fred Wolf and company.

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