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  • TMNT Minimates Series 5 Solicitation

    Diamond Select Toys hasn’t wasted any time after their announcement of the TMNT Minimates series 4. Word is out, along with a picture, that we will also be seeing a series 5 of these great figures! Check out the link below for the full 5th wave reveal! Minimates Series 5

  • 2016 Minimates Ivan Steranko Figure Review

    Last night I reviewed the one-per-case TMNT Minimates Vision Quest Splinter figure. Today we are going to have a look at the other one-per-case rare TMNT figure from series 3: Ivan Steranko. At work and can’t watch the video review? No problem, scroll down for the full write up! Steranko, if you follow the Nickelodeon…

  • 2016 Minimates Vision Quest Splinter Figure Review

    Recently I was lucky enough to grab a Vision Quest Splinter off of Luke’s Toy Store before they sold out. And they sold out fast! As you may already know, the Vision Quest Splinter and Ivan Steranko are the one-per-case rare figures for the TMNT series 3 blind bags. Therefore, these two figures will not…