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  • Rise of the TMNT Playmates Toy Line Review

    I haven’t posted anything for a while but I have been keeping busy with some reviews. I reviewed every basic line figure, the lair playset, and the vehicles from the new Rise line by Playmates Toys. If you have not seen them yet, please check them out below and let me know what your favorites…

  • Rise of the TMNT Action Figures Review!

    We are now in the Rise of the TMNT era. There have been very mixed responses in terms of the cartoon itself. However, the new figures by Playmates Toys have been getting some positive feedback. Check out my thoughts on them below! My review of Baron Draxum, Meat Sweats, and the Origami Ninja coming soon.…

  • New TMNT Movie and Bulkyz Reviews

    As you may or may not have heard, the TMNT are getting a movie reboot. It also sounds like Michael Bay will still be involved. I certainly didn’t hate the last two Bay turtle films but I didn’t love them either. It is worth noting that it is unknown whether this will be a fresh…

  • Review: 1990 Giant TMNT Bootleg Figures

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all! Now that I’m on winter break you’ll be seeing more updates. I just posted a review of the giant 1990 bootleg turtles that I purchased from Mexico early this year. These dudes are great! All of the sloppy paint and googly eyes a bootleg fan could ask for.…

  • 2017 Playmates Toys Usagi Yojimbo XL Figure Review

    Hey TMNT fans! Check out my latest review featuring the new Walmart exclusive Usagi Yojimbo XL figure by Playmates Toys. Happy hunting!

  • 2017 Playmates Toys Samurai Usagi Yojimbo Figure Review

    Hey turtle fans, I just posted my review of the new Samurai Usagi Yojimbo figure by Playmates Toys. I’m so excited to add yet another Usagi to my collection. Thank you for watching and happy hunting!

  • 2017 Playmates Toys Samurai Turtles Review

    Hey world! It has been a spell since I have updated the site but I just finished editing and uploading a review of the new Samurai turtles by Playmates Toys. These are in stores now and are pretty rad! Thank you for watching and good luck in your hunt!

  • 2017 MONDO MOUSERS Review

    The MONDO MOUSERS arrived at my door today and I got my review up and running. Thanks for watching! I’ll eventually get to my top 10 of 2016 too…  

  • 2016 MONDO Leonardo Review

    Well after a year and half, Leo by MONDO has arrived! Enjoy the review and thanks for watching. Be on the lookout for my best of 2016 in the very near future too!

  • 2016 NECA NYCC Exclusive Shredder and Foot Clan Review

    My plan was to review the TMNT NECA Foot Clan box set last week and have it uploaded by now. Half of that occurred and then my computer kept freezing up. Oh well, we waited nearly 8 years for these figures so what’s another week?? My review is finally up. Enjoy! In case you missed…