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  • Rise of the TMNT Playmates Toy Line Review

    I haven’t posted anything for a while but I have been keeping busy with some reviews. I reviewed every basic line figure, the lair playset, and the vehicles from the new Rise line by Playmates Toys. If you have not seen them yet, please check them out below and let me know what your favorites…

  • Rise of the TMNT Action Figures Review!

    We are now in the Rise of the TMNT era. There have been very mixed responses in terms of the cartoon itself. However, the new figures by Playmates Toys have been getting some positive feedback. Check out my thoughts on them below! My review of Baron Draxum, Meat Sweats, and the Origami Ninja coming soon.…

  • Rise of the TMNT Figures Release Date Announced

    It looks like we won’t be seeing the new Rise of the TMNT figures before the show airs this Fall. Playmates revealed at Toy Fair that the figures for the series will not be released until October 1st of this year. The show is set to drop in September so we won’t have a long…

  • 2018 Rise of the TMNT Figures Revealed

    Today we got to see the new Rise of the TMNT figures by Playmates for the upcoming Nick show. I actually love the way the turtles look and Splinter looks pretty cool too. I’m not a fan of the April design in general so I don’t have a comment about her figure. Meat Sweats is…

  • 2017 Playmates Toys Usagi Yojimbo XL Figure Review

    Hey TMNT fans! Check out my latest review featuring the new Walmart exclusive Usagi Yojimbo XL figure by Playmates Toys. Happy hunting!

  • SDCC 2017 Day 1 Update

    After an explosive SDCC preview night, I didn’t think NECA could possibly bring more TMNT excitement to our lives but they hit another grand slam during Day 1. Today NECA revealed the missing figures from their Dimension X display and my assumption was correct as we are getting a Slash and two rock soldiers, Granitor…

  • 2017 Playmates Toys Samurai Usagi Yojimbo Figure Review

    Hey turtle fans, I just posted my review of the new Samurai Usagi Yojimbo figure by Playmates Toys. I’m so excited to add yet another Usagi to my collection. Thank you for watching and happy hunting!

  • 2017 Playmates Toys Samurai Turtles Review

    Hey world! It has been a spell since I have updated the site but I just finished editing and uploading a review of the new Samurai turtles by Playmates Toys. These are in stores now and are pretty rad! Thank you for watching and good luck in your hunt!

  • Playmates Toys Muckman and Crimson Leader Sightings

    I have been seriously slacking lately but there’s so much TMNT news to share that I need to get myself back in gear. Reports surfaced awhile back that indicated that the Muckman figure by Playmates Toys was not going to be released after seeing a very cool prototype. Then news broke that the figure did…

  • 2016 Playmates Toys Human Karai Figure Review

    Good evening! I recently stumbled upon a human Karai figure during my travels and just reviewed the figure tonight. Good luck tracking Karai down, along with the newly released Armaggon! 🙂