The Store

Below you will find all of the items that are currently available for purchase. Some accessories come in lots but I am willing to split the lot up if you are only interested in one of the accessories.

Buyer is responsible for shipping cost: $2.72 for 1-10 accessories and $4.00 for 11-20 accessories. All accessories will be shipped in a secure bubble envelope. Shipping costs will be included in the description for all over non-accessory items (action figures, vehicles, etc.).

Don’t see what you are looking for? Email me: and I just might have what you need. Also contact me via email for any other questions and for order placements. Payments will only be accepted through Paypal. And yes, I will ship Internationally but again, buyer will pay the exact shipping cost. Thank you! 🙂

Teenage Mutant Killer Turtles T-Shirt printed on Gildan premium shirts. Available sizes: S and M. $22.00 with FREE SHIPPING!


1988 Bebop – Garbage Can Shield: $3.00


1989 Rat King – Snakebelt: $2.00


1989 Ace Duck – Weapons Belt: $2.00


1989 Genghis Frog – Radical Razor-sharp Boogie Board and Beach Bandolier: $4.00


1989 Leatherhead – Jumbo Gumbo Belt: $2.00


(SOLD OUT) 1990 Mike the Sewer Surfer – Party Belt: $2.00


(SOLD OUT) 1990 Raph the Space Cadet – Lucky Laser Luger: $1.25


1990 Don the Undercover Turtles – Hi-energy Pizza Snack and Bulletproof Briefcase: $2.50


1990 Pizzaface – Pizza Peg Leg, Pizza Box Shield and two Propelling Pizzas: $5.00


(SOLD OUT) 1990 Killer Bee – Chainsaw: $2.00


(SOLD OUT) 1991 Dirtbag – Jack Hammer Gun, 4 Pointed Pick and Rat Pack: $4.50


(SOLD OUT) 1991 Krang 11″ Android Body – Brain: $8.00