Throwback Thursday: My Collection

I have been slacking lately when it comes to content. Weeks keep flying by and it is that time again…Throwback Thursday: My Collection is back upon us.

When I first started doing Throwback Thursdays, I had an item in mind that I wanted to showoff. The problem, you ask? I couldn’t locate the item! I could only find the cardboard packaging.

Then I was searching for something completely different in a tote of TMNT items and boom, there it was!


One of the coolest vintage digital watches that I have set my eyes on! A TMNT Shredder watch from 90s.


The watch has an adjustable strap and actually fits my wrist so I was quite pleased.


I love the bulky Shredder design! It almost makes me forget how big of a coward Shredder was in the 87 cartoon.


This watch featured a flip top cover. Batteries were included but as you can see, mine have died.


There are 11 different digital watch designs in this series. The designs are as follows: Two separate designs for each turtle, April O’Neil, Splinter and of course, Shredder.


“One good turtle, deserves another.” I agree! I am hoping to collect the rest of these sweet digital watches someday. However, I just looked on eBay a few minutes ago and this Shredder watch has skyrocketed since I purchased mine. I don’t recall exactly what I paid for it but I know it wasn’t even close to the asking prices I am seeing currently.

Thank you for reading and we are one day closer to the weekend!





3 responses to “Throwback Thursday: My Collection”

  1. Danatello Avatar

    Bulked up Shredder? They must have had Scott Steiner model for this figure instead of Kevin Nash!

    Have you considered removing the battery to prevent the battery from corroding and damaging the internals?

    1. Master Splinter Avatar

      Big Poppa Pump may have been molded for the watch, ya never know :p

      I have not considered that but I will now! Thank you for the tip. I would hate to have this piece be ruined by something that could have been avoided.

  2. MrShoegazz Avatar

    Hello how are you my name is Critshian

    In the present year 2022 I found this gem here on your blog or page…

    Have you found more of these? I am interested in acquiring one of the same, it does not matter if it is sealed or loose…

    nor if it works or not. The important thing is to have it.

    I would appreciate your answer…

    Good vibes!!!

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