Throwback Thursday: My Collection

Welcome to this week’s addition of Throwback Thursday: My Collection. Today I am going to feature another figure from the 2k3 TMNT era. This figure is considered to be one of the rarest figures from this line (along with Quarry who we already showcased).


Agent Bishop was not only a great character from the cartoon series but is a very sought after figure by collectors as well. Agent Bishop comes wearing his signature undercover agent look and is equipped with some heavy artillery!

The story of how I was able to snag this figure is a memorable one. I contacted Playmates Toys asking if they were still shipping the Agent Bishop figures. I received a response from Paula saying that they were not but that they did have one that they could send me for FREE! I was super pumped. A few days later, I received Bishop in the mail with a little posted note from Paula (I should have taken a pic and included it…). Very cool!

The carding was bent at the top but that didn’t bother me too much because I mainly collected loose figures from the 2k3 line. I decided to keep this one in the packaging due to all of the buzz online about its rarity.

A few years pass and somehow I find an Agent Bishop on Amazon (from the same seller that sold me Quarry) and I got the figure for a ridiculously low price…under $20.00 shipped, much like the Quarry.

I decided that I would open the one that Paula sent and keep it with my loose collection and add the new Bishop, with much better carding, to my MOC collection.


The Agent Bishop figure is lacking in articulation but that doesn’t bother me. He still looks great and is show accurate.


Here’s a look at the back of the card. We get a nice little bio with some information on the guns and rack that come alongside Agent Bishop. Some awesome figures like Rat King, Nobody, Mutated Don and Quarry are seen as well!

Thank you for reading and enjoy your day!





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