Throwback Thursday: My Collection

Last weekend I was cleaning out our garage because it was time for the Spring yard sale. I was quite excited when I came across some TMNT items that I forgot about.


While going through my old dresser drawer I found this sweet pack of TMNT stickers from the 2k3 era. I love the designs from this cartoon series and the stickers are a nice portrayal of the characters. There are two sheets of stickers per pack (I assume it is a duplicate sheet underneath as I have not opened these).

I am a big collector of the figures from this series and I immediately recognized these stickers when I laid my eyes on them because I have the exact same ones on my bin that I keep my loose figures in.


Here is a look at the back of the packaging. Man how I miss that Fox Box logo….good days! I am glad to see that these stickers are acid free. Now if I could only get the moldy garage smell off of them….

Thank you for reading and hope you have a shell of a good weekend!

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