2016 New York Toy Fair Wrap Up TMNT Style

By March 7, 2016News

I wanted to get a Toy Fair wrap up posted since the conclusion of the event. Obviously that didn’t happen but it’s better late than never, especially with the incredible items we saw on display!!

Let’s start off with the amazingness we saw from Mega Bloks. I have been a huge fan/supporter of their TMNT line since their Classic Collection and Nick releases earlier this year. My support and obsession is going to continue as Mega Bloks displayed some of the best TMNT items that I came across this year at Toy Fair. These sets include the Technodrome, 87 Party Wagon and a Mirage playset to go along with, yes, a Mirage line!!! I KNOW!!! Click the link below to view.

Technodrome, Party Wagon and Mirage sets

Mega Bloks also has some more Nick sets and figures in store for us along with Movie 2 sets/figures. The Nick line includes the Mech Wrekker that comes with a few Kraangdroids (including a sweet blue one) and a Mikey figure, buggies for Leo and Raph, a Leo skateboarder set and some individual (fingers crossed they are blind bagged) figures of Splinter, Slash, possibly a mystic turtle, a black Mikey (reference to the online Nick game), a clear plastic Donnie figure, Mousers, Splinter and a Purple Dragon. All of those sights are pleasing to the eye but I am especially pumped about the Purple Dragon!

The Movie 2 sets appear to be as follows: Turtle Tactical Truck, a large movie playset (with Shredder, a Foot Soldier and more), Rocksteady on a motorcycle and a tank that appears to come with Rocksteady unless he is a sit in and Bebop will be included? Individual movie turtles were also on display. I’m sure I missed some but everything can be seen in all of its glory below!

Nick and Movie 2 Mega Bloks

Sticking with the mini figures theme, let’s now have a look at wave 4 and 5 of Diamond Select Toy’s TMNT Minimates. We previously saw the solicitations but now we have our first glimpse at these guys in plastic form…yeah they are must haves and I will buy ALL of them!

TMNT Minimates Wave 4 and 5

Up next, Playmates Toys had some interesting items on display this year along with several cool character designs for their basic line. They also plan to release some blind bag figures. It shouldn’t be a surprise that they jumped on board with the blind bags with all of the craze. Half Shell Heroes of Space themed turtles were also spotted. Some of the exciting basic line figures include: Human Karai (finally!), Super Shredder and Armaggon.

Playmates Basic TMNT

Half Shell Heroes

Playmates Blind Bags 1

Playmates Blind Bags 2

Of course who can forget the Jim Henson TMNT 1990 movie Donatello by NECA, yes that same NECA!

NECA 1990 Movie Donnie

I’ve already touched on the Bandai SH Figuarts but they are so incredibly awesome that I’ll show them again! Did I mention that Shredder, Casey, Bebop and Rocksteady are being thrown around as future waves??

TMNT SH Figuarts

Funko Hikari released three totally tubular new TMNT items as well. We caught a glimpse of Bebop, Rocksteady and Krang in the always brilliant Hikari designs.

TMNT Hikari Villians

Hero cross had some Fred Wolf designs on display. Pretty cool looking!

TMNT Hero Cross

Kidrobot Vinyl is going to cost me some $ now too with more of their TMNT blind boxes. OT designs of Shredder and a Triceraton can be seen below.

TMNT Kidrobot Blind Boxes

Kidrobot 2

Playmobil and Funko will be putting out some classic TMNT designs and we were able to get a sneak peek at Mikey, Shredder and Leo.

TMNT Playmobil/Funko


I’m sure I missed something TMNT related from Toy Fair 2016. Be sure to call me out in the comments if so and I’ll update this post! Thank you for reading and get your wallets ready, 2016 is looking to be an expensive year for TMNT fans! 🙂

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