Another Day, Another Ad

By February 27, 2015News


Here is an ad featuring some TMNT cereal from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Archie Adventure comic series issue #5.

This cereal contains crunchy, sweetened ninja nets along with Ninja Turtle marshmallows. Ninja nets do sound cooler than the real name of the cereal, Rice Chex. I think mini turtle shapes for the cereal part and maybe Shredder shaped marshmallows would have been cooler. A box of these would be a fun collector display piece, nonetheless.

The artwork is pretty humorous as we see Donnie holding a spoon like a bo staff. It even has wraps on it! Leo’s got the milk, Raph is providing some breakfast music and Mikey is going to capture the ninja net cereal with a… ninja net.

Chow down dudes!!

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