Another TMNT Ad Featuring Sweet Shirt Designs

By February 25, 2015News


OK…this one might be the coolest ad that I have come across while reading the Archie Adventure series so far. This ad features four awesome vintage TMNT t-shirt designs. We see a Michelangelo shirt with “Kick Some Shell” on it, a Donatello shirt with “Hero In A Half Shell”, a Leonardo design with one of his katanas through a whole pizza pie and one featuring all four brothers.

This ad was featured in the TMNT Archie Adventures issue #4. I think I like the Donatello design the best with the Leo shirt coming in at a close second.

Does anyone own one of these gems?? I would love to see the designs on the actual shirts. I have been searching the net but have come up empty. I have had someone confirm to me that they have seen these pop up from time to time so it appears that these designs did indeed see print. The hunt is on as I must add one of these to my collection!

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The Sewer Den
6 years ago

I’d still wear all those shirts. Very cool.

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