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By July 14, 2015News

A lot happened last week at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and I tried keeping up with all of the action but got behind with a busy weekend. Let’s catch up, shall we?

Nickelodeon has renewed the Ninja Turtles cartoon for a 5th season of 20 episodes. Could this be the final season? Ciro has previously mentioned that he had stories that could be wrapped up in 5 seasons. Time will tell! Season 3 is set to resume on August 2nd while season 4 is expected to debut this coming Fall.

Some new characters will be debuting in future episodes as well and we have some awesome pictures to prove it! I have heard different reports on when these characters will be debuting. Some have said that it will be during season 4 while others are claiming they will see the light in season 5. Check out the designs below with some interesting casting choices for each character.


First up, we have Lord Dregg who will be voiced by Peter Stormare (Blacklist, Prison Break).


Next up is Mona Lisa and Zelda Williams will be taking on the role of the female lizard. Zelda did a fantastic job as the voice of Kuvira in the Legend of Korra, I may add.


Armaggon will be making his debut in the TMNT cartoon world and Beast…I mean Ron Perlman will be voicing this baddie.


One of my personal favorites, the Fugitoid aka Professor Honeycutt, will be teaming up with the four brothers soon and David Tennant will tackle the voicing for this great character.


Last but certainly not least, the Triceratons are coming!! Zog the Triceraton will be voiced by Lance Henriksen.

This next part is pretty wild and exciting. The Ninja Turtles will be teaming up with Batman in an upcoming comic book crossover series between DC and IDW! Check out all of the information here.

I know I missed several things that I can’t think of at the moment so be on the lookout for more TMNT news from last week’s SDCC in the coming days!!

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