Christmas 2015

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Here we are in 2016 already, January 4th to be exact, and I have yet to share what I received for Christmas this past year. It’s certainly not because I didn’t appreciate or love what I got. I was busy traveling for the holidays along with trying to keep up to date with other news and reviews.

Well now the wait is over! I know all of you have been itching to see what Santa brought the White Foot Soldier in 2015. Some items were not photographed, for multiple reasons, but I really did need those socks, underwear and undershirts.


First up, we have a TMNT flying disc. With how unseasonably mild it has been, this is actually a very fitting gift! Although temperatures have plummeted since Christmas day so I will have to wait until Spring to play Ultimate Frisbee in style!


I’m really hoping this isn’t a jinx. My health has been pretty solid through 2015. Either way, a cold or to wipe away the Christmas blues, these tissues will come in handy!


Santa Mom heard me say that I didn’t see any TMNT Christmas ornaments out this year that I didn’t already have. She pulled through with these two Santa hat wearing brothers. Now I will just need to find space on my TMNT tree! Or buy a bigger tree?




It just wouldn’t be Christmas at the White Foot Soldier’s household if there were not TMNT figures underneath the tree. This year, I received Fugitoid, the Mutant Shredders, the 5 pack Metal Mutants Target Exclusive and Lord Dregg. My girlfriend got me Lord Dregg and I was so pumped that I opened it up without even taking a picture of it boxed. I’m looking forward to snapping open Fugitoid and the Mutant Shredders too. I will not be opening the Metal Mutants though because they look awesome displayed as is!


No more chapped lips for me! I will also be able to write down notes for class and feel like I am back in elementary school rather than grad school. Sweet!





This past fall I went to Wizard World Comic Con in Pittsburgh with my Uncle and cousins. I previously saw Billy Martin was drawing for IDW’s TMNT Animated Adventures. Little did I know, it was the same Billy Martin from Good Charlotte who I grew up listening to (admit it, you did too!). I saw that Billy would be at the Con in Pittsburgh but didn’t know if I would get a chance to meet him. As it turned out, he was very personable and it wasn’t busy at the time so we were able to chat with him for a bit. My uncle thought it was the coolest thing ever, as he recalled my brother and I going to his house before attending a Good Charlotte concert years back.

Well my uncle, who is pretty much the coolest, snagged up up all six issues of Vitriol (first copy signed by both creators), a hardback book of Damious McDreary: A Boy and His Bat that contains a sketch of Damious in the interior page, a signed print of the Incredible Hulk by Billy Martin and a signed TMNT print by Billy Martin that was framed very nicely with a picture of Billy and myself, along with a Wizard World Comic Con print indicating the dates. I honestly wouldn’t have guessed that this would be under the Christmas tree this year. I can’t wait to hang up that framed picture in the TMNT room!

It is important to note that the White Foot Soldier was a huge fan of the Incredible Hulk TV series growing up and that Lou Ferrigno was at the Wizard World Comic Con in Pittsburgh while we were there. Obviously my uncle knew that I used to “Hulk out” on my brother and cousins when I was little so he added that piece to this already incredible (get it?) gift set. Of course to me, he was “Cedible Hulk”.


The White Foot Soldier also enjoys Lucha Libre and an occasional brewski. Therefore, it was only natural to find this awesome Luchador Bottle Opener under wrapping paper! Thanks, Mom!


My Mom also got me these four TMNT comics, which I didn’t currently have, that she picked up during “Small Business Saturday.” Bless her heart, the things Mothers do for their children even if they are in their mid 20’s!


Yes, that is a Bigfoot blanket by Middle of Beyond. And yes, it is freakin amazing! My brother and sister-in-law gave me this cryptic blanket and I have used it at least once a day since Christmas.

Other notable items not pictured are a kayak from my girlfriend, a kayak car top carrier and a watertight box from my brother and sister-in-law. Another tidbit of information, the White Foot Soldier loves to fish (yes, I have caught turtles by accident) so the kayak and accessories are fantastic gifts that I can’t wait to try out! Unfortunately the kayak is behind the couch and there was not a good place to get a picture of it.

Needless to say, I received a ton of great gifts this year! I appreciate all of them and the people who gave them to me. I feel spoiled, which I am, but feeling grateful and undeserving kind of makes up for that notion. Thank you to my girlfriend, family and friends for making this Christmas special in so many more ways than just the gifts themselves! I love you all and here’s to a happy, healthy, loving and caring 2016!!

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