Konami TMNT NES Game Ad

By February 20, 2015News


I am now up to issue #6 in the TMNT Archie Adventure series and the ads have become something that I continually look forward to seeing. I recently posted an original ad for the Playmates Toys action figure line. Now, let’s have a look at another ad.

This Konami video game advertisement is on the back of several early issues of the TMNT Archie Adventure series. Konami released the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Nintendo video game in 1989. The game is loosely based off of the 1987 cartoon and is the first video game of the TMNT franchise. I really dig the artwork on the case/box. It was drawn by Michael Dooney and was taken from the second printing of issue #4 of the original Mirage Comic books. Love those all red masked turtles!

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Darius Hoskins
Darius Hoskins

How did they write that super awesome ad and not even include one exclamation point?!!!!!