Loyal Subjects TMNT SDCC 2015 Exclusives

By June 23, 2015News

As you may recall, I posted some pictures awhile back of several new TMNT figures by the Loyal Subjects. These figures turned out to be SDCC exclusives, not series 2. Well here are the two sets of figures set to be released at this year’s big event (in case you forget what they looked like)!


First up we have the Battle Tested variants. These figures are black and white, with red bandannas, just like the original comic style turtles. They also feature some bloody scratches/scars: hence the “battle tested”. With a limited print run of just 500, this could be the hardest TMNT exclusive to come by this year.


Next up, the Loyal Subjects are offering us a stealth edition of their vinyls, which features an all black body with each turtle being distinguished by their bandanna color. This set will also be limited, however, I have not yet seen an exact number.

Thank you for reading and keep checking back for more SDCC 2015 news!!

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