Mega Bloks TMNT: Out of the Shadows figures Available on Amazon

Some of the new TMNT: Out of the Shadows figures are now available on Amazon for purchase. Even though I wish the individual figures would have been packaged in blind bags like the first wave of Nick Mega Bloks, these will still find their way into my collection. And the artwork on the box packaging is pretty cool!

As a fair warning, these figures won’t cost you this much when they arrive on store shelves. Unless you are a person who just wants these figures before anyone else, I’d recommend saving a few dollars per figure as it shouldn’t be long before these start popping up at your local TRU, Target, Walmart etc.

Click the links below to view each figure!





Foot Soldier

Foot Soldier (Bike Attack)

EDIT: I just found an image on the Technodrome forum that appears to show a blind bag wave for the TMNT: Out of the Shadows movie line. See the image for yourself below. That undercover Raph looks awesome!

Blind Bags





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