Mikey: The 3rd Mondo Turtle

By November 10, 2015News

For those interested in highly detailed 1/6 scale Ninja Turtle figures, Mondo will be putting their 3rd figure from their new line up today for pre-order. Michelangelo is that 3rd figure and he looks absolutely terrific! Unlike previous releases from this line, Mondo intends to put Mikey up for pre-order at a set time: 12:00 PM CT (1:00 PM ET).

I previously stated that I was hoping that Mikey would still come with a Lil Orphan Alien and he will do just that. The exclusive accessories for this figure are two slices of pizza, one cheese and the other pepperoni. Check out all of the other accessories and see for yourself just how great Michelangelo looks by clicking here!

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Daromir Hagr

I hope that they spring for delivered pizza, and none of that Boyardee crap for the figure. Mikey deserves better!!!!