Mondo Mikey Update

By November 9, 2015News

UPDATE: Mikey is not going to be up for sale randomly today as most other Mondo items usually are. I have been informed that Mikey will go live at 12:00 PM Central time (1:00 PM ET).

I recently got an email from Mondo about Michelangelo’s pre-order and it can be read below.

Thanks again for subscribing to the 1/6 Scale TMNT Series! 
Next week, Michelangelo – the laid-back partier of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – will be going up for Pre-Order! As a subscriber, you will receive the Mondo Exclusive version, limited to 500 pieces, which includes 1 Slice of Cheese Pizza and 1 Slice of Pepperoni Pizza. 

This email is to notify you that your account will be charged $165 on Tuesday, November 10th. The payment includes $150 for the Mondo Exclusive Michelangelo ($10 off of the normal retail price of $160) plus $15 flat-rate shipping. No action is required at this time. 

Raphael, the final Turtle in the subscription, will be released in January. 

Important: If funds are not available at the time of the scheduled payments, please make payment arrangements through or your subscription will be subject to cancellation. Thanks!


Don’t miss your chance to own Mikey by placing your order tomorrow November 10th. Remember, Mondo randomly lists their items so it will be a guessing game (or a refreshing game) as to when these will go up.

Mikey’s exclusive accessories, although fitting as he loves his pizza, are a bit disappointing in my book. I feel that pizza could technically come with any figure and isn’t necessarily “exclusive” to his character. I feel like an accessory such as Klunk would be a better fit. Hopefully we still get a Lil’ Orphan Alien with him though! We will find out tomorrow!

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