Nick TMNT Season 4 and Mondo Turtles

By October 6, 2015News

Yes, I’m still alive (barely with all of this school work). Now that we have that straightened out, let’s talk turtles.

Season 3 of the Nick TMNT series just wrapped up almost two weekends ago. If you missed the two part finale, I suggest you catch up as there are some great twists and turns. Don’t fret, however, because there may still be a few weeks to do so before the highly anticipated season 4 premieres. As of right now, it looks like season 4 will be premiering on Sunday October 25th.


The first episode is titled “Beyond the Known Universe”. The second episode, set to premiere a week later, is titled “The Moons of Thalos 3”. I personally can’t wait as the turtles in space arc is one of my all time favorite TMNT stories! Love me some Triceratons!

In toy news, specifically Mondo toys, I was lucky enough to snag a subscription for their TMNT line. For those who don’t know what I am talking about, Mondo released a subscription for their new line of TMNT figures limited to 200. Basically it means that I am now guaranteed to own each turtle figure in its exclusive form and got $10 knocked off of each figure by locking into the subscription (I’m paying the non-exclusive price for the exclusive figure). The difference between the exclusives and non-exclusives is that each exclusive comes with an extra accessory that is character specific. Leonardo comes with Shredder’s gauntlet and Donatello comes with hisĀ Gravitic Equalizer from the Donatello One-Shot. Mikey and Raph’s exclusive accessories have yet to be announced. In addition, I will be receiving a limited print poster featuring the TMNT. I am beyond excited for these figures and will be reviewing each brother!

Leonardo went on sale in August, and still can be purchased in his non-exclusive form, while Donatello was just released this month. Donnie’s exclusives have all been sold out as well. However, he too is still available in the regular version. Mikey is set to go up for pre-order in November and Raphael is looking like a January pre-order. Check out MONDO to see these amazing pieces!

That’s all I’ve got time for today but I will try to keep up to date on things as much as possible!

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Daromir Hagr
Daromir Hagr
5 years ago

Hey Mas,

Are you going to purchase all 4 of the exclusives? I went to the Mondo website to buy a non-exclusive, but ended up buying the Iron Giant instead. I love me some Vin Diesel.

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