No New Nickelodeon TMNT Until March?

By February 20, 2015News

According to my TV guide, “Enemy of My Enemy” from season 1 will be airing this Sunday rather than a new episode of the TMNT. Then I did some digging and found this below.


It appears that we will not be seeing a new episode of the turtles until March. Obviously there is only one more Sunday in February, not counting this weekend, but it won’t be until at least another two weeks until we see “The Pig and The Rhino”. Looks like episode 11 will begin right where episode 10 left us. I am excited to see what Bebop and Rocksteady’s mission will be.

Then from there, we see new episode titles up until episode 14. I like two part episodes and the “Battle for New York” could mean that order will be restored sooner rather than later in the big apple.

Casey Jones VS The Underworld sounds like a cool episode too. It will be nice having some focus on a supporting cast member like Casey. Perhaps this is where Hun will debut? All speculation of course, but could Hun and Casey have a connection like previous incarnations? I’m assuming Hun will be a member of the Purple Dragons. Perhaps Nick goes the IDW route and has Hun play the role of Casey’s father? Or maybe….just maybe Hun doesn’t appear in this episode and we will have to wait even longer for these answers! 🙂 Happy Friday!

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