NYCC 2016 TMNT Panel

Well, sometimes you hit the nail on the head and sometimes you completely miss. It is not the first time that I have been wrong but I have to admit that being wrong this time is disappointing. However, it is not because of bragging rights. I made a prediction that the big announcement that Nickelodeon was promoting at NYCC this year for the turtles would be a season 6 renewal. Instead, we got a new character introduction, a TMNT/WWE toy crossover, a Tiger Claw backstory mentioning, news of Mark Hamill voicing the Hot Head (Kavaxas) character, and some footage of  Super Shredder. So…pretty much nothing new as we were all aware of the majority of the information that the panel discussed.

First let’s start off with the new character. Actually the character is only new to the Nickelodeon series and I have to say that it is exciting to see this taking place. Alopex is the character that will be debuting in the Nick TMNT series. The character was created by Kevin Eastman for the IDW TMNT comic series and she has been enjoyable, to say the least. She started off as one of Shredder’s mutants, well an arctic fox prior to being mutated but that’s not as exciting as being a villain. Then she turned on Shredder and aligned with the TMNT and became quite close with Raphael. I will be curious to see how Ciro and the gang use her for the cartoon series. Alopex can be seen in her cartoon glory on the TMNT Master’s Twitter.

In my opinion the big announcement was a letdown. I say that it was a letdown because it wasn’t new news. Most fans have already heard about the TMNT/WWE crossover. Aside from being letdown, this is pretty fantastic, from a marketing perspective and my own personal interest. Kids love TMNT and WWE so why the heck not make some big bucks off of combining the two!? Did I ever mention that I have been a wrestling fan practically my whole life? So yes, I will be buying these figures and pics can be seen below. We get Raph as Sting, Leo as John Cena, Donnie as the Undertaker, and Mikey as the Macho Man Randy Savage.


Super Shredder can be found pretty easily through an IG, Twitter, or Google search so I won’t attach any image links. The character looks pretty cool and the action figure by Playmates Toys looks very nice as well! I am glad to have another figure to chase from Playmates as I feel that it has been a spell since we got multiple new characters in this line, aside from all of the turtle variants.

That pretty much wraps up the TMNT panel. The Nick TMNT series returns November 6th with a new episode titled, you guessed it, “The Super Shredder”. For now, I will leave you with a clip of Mark Hamill voicing the Kavaxas character. Thank you for reading!






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