Random TMNT Finds Part 2

By December 23, 2014News

Christmas is in the air and so are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Here is part 2 of Random TMNT Finds!



The first item is this awesome pet bed from Five Below! Binx loves it and your pet will too. There were several different designs but I thought that Binx would like this one the best. Cost: $5.00.


The next item is a bath towel from Target. I just realized that the towel only features two of the four brothers….but then I saw something next to it.


What’s a bath towel without a hand towel? This hand towel has Leonardo stitched on it leaving us with one turtle MIA in this set. I am going to guess that there is a wash cloth or another bath accessory that has Mikey on it.


And…..you can’t have a bath towel and a hand towel without this sweet fabric shower curtain!! God bless the parents who allow this piece to grace the family bathroom.


Do your children (or you) need a little more motivation when it comes to improving dental hygiene? Walmart has you covered with this nice holiday special edition package, which features one manual toothbrush, one powered toothbrush, one toothpaste and a bottle of foaming hand soap. Cost: $9.88


Tired of all that loose change? Pick up a Teenage Mutant Ninja Piggy bank.

That concludes this edition of Random TMNT Finds. Be sure to check back soon for part 3!

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