Random TMNT Finds Part 3

By January 2, 2015News

To kick off the new year, here is Random TMNT Finds part 3. Happy 2015!


Let’s begin with a full sheet set from Target featuring the boys in green. This nice set can be yours for $21.99 and of course the sheets are ultra soft!


You’ll need something to put on those sheets and why not stay with the theme and add this sweet TMNT comforter! Again, you can pick this item up at Target when you pick up your sheet set.


To top off your TMNT themed bed, you can display this nice looking decorative pillow on it. I personally have a pillow similar to this one and it is very comfortable.


When you wake up in the morning and lift your head from your TMNT pillow, uncover yourself from your TMNT sheets and comforter, you will want to place your feet on something gnarly like this area rug! For $19.99, this 40 inch x 50 inch rug could be just the thing that can turn your bedroom from cool, to coolest!


Then when you go to bed at night, before crawling into your TMNT themed nest, you can turn on this Dream Lite and display one of the boys on your ceiling! To heck with the night light, go with the Dream Lite!


Want a smaller version? Dream Lite has you covered!



Is your Dream Lite too bright to sleep but way too cool to just turn off? Want to fight the Shredder in your dreams? Then pick up these radical sleeping masks. All four turtles are available.

2014 was a great year for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with the 30th anniversary celebration, the new movie, Nick’s season 2 and season 3 cartoon and the IDW comics. 2015 appears to be shaping up quite nicely and should bring us even more great TMNT action! Happy Turtle New Year!!


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DaQuan Hanks
DaQuan Hanks
6 years ago

Ah, that Turtles blindfold reminds me of Halloween 1988. I went as my favorite Ninja Turtle Donatello. Well, he wasn’t my favorite, but it was the only Ninja Turtles costume that Ames had in stock. Actually, it wasn’t an Ames, I think it was Leitzinger’s Department Store. Actually, it wasn’t a ninja turtle costume, it was just a white garbage bag painted with green lead paint. Also, instead of having a plastic mask to make me look like Donatello, my parents glued some spanish moss to my face to make it look green. But the spanish moss wasn’t green, it… Read more »

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