Random TMNT Finds Part 4

By January 7, 2015News

This installment of Random TMNT Finds showcases some cool merchandise from the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. With that said, here is Random TMNT Finds Part 4!


If I was still a student in elementary school (instead of a teacher), I would totally be sporting this! The backpack features the new TMNT design from this summer’s blockbuster. You better act fast though because this was a clearance item find with a $12.88 price tag.


You’ve got to eat and why not transport your grub with something that matches your back pack! This item also features the new TMNT design and will cost you around $8.00 if memory serves me right.


Have a tablet? Have a child who scares you every time they touch that tablet? Problem solved!


You know you want 300 stickers! And why not for the low price of $1.97!?


Previously we featured the TMNT Dream Lites. Here is an alternative and potentially a cooler projection! This projectable night light, for 896 cents, will keep you safe from evil…not really but hey it’s a cool slogan!


I’m not sure that I would want Mikey or Raph to help me scrub my body clean but if you do, then here ya go! These shower poofs will run you $2.98.

That’s all for this edition of Random TMNT Finds. I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your new year!

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