Random TMNT Finds Part 5

By December 15, 2015News

It has been quite a while since I have done a Random TMNT Finds. As I was out strolling the stores for some Christmas goodies the other day, I noticed a lot of new TMNT themed items and thought it would be a good time to bring the randomness back.


Looks like I need to buy a bike! This was the first TMNT themed item that I came across the other day. It obviously “stuck out like a turd in a punch bowl”, as my Dad would say. Walmart only had Mikey helmets but I can’t confirm or dismiss that the helmets come in Leo, Donnie or Raph form.


This was a nice little Christmas basket, also from Walmart, that featured a mug, some stickers and a few other little items. Not a terrible price at $12.97 but I would be more inclined to make the purchase if the mug actually was holiday themed with the TMNT wearing Santa hats or something.


Man if I could go back to the Big Wheel days in my buddy’s basement…I would be king with this Turtle Rider! We never wore helmets back then but if my parents were to pair the Mikey helmet with this Big Wheel? Yep!


I’m not sure who would want to put together 8 puzzles but if you do, and like the TMNT, Walmart has you covered for $9.88. These puzzles would be cool if you had the space to glue the pieces together and display them.


The last item for this edition of Random TMNT Finds is his and her watches. The girl’s watch features the old school 80’s TMNT design while the boy’s watch features the 2012 design. I feel that the 80’s turtle designs translate better to female accessories/apparel than the more rugged 2k12 designs after seeing these watches. I don’t know if it was like this in the 80’s and 90’s but I seem to notice a lot more girls sporting TMNT apparel nowadays. Maybe with April being a more important part of the storyline in the new series, they relate to the cartoon more than the 80’s newscaster April who was basically always getting hung up in a trap? Either way, it is cool to see the fanbase¬†of this great franchise¬†continue to grow and evolve!

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