Remember that sweet Mondo style Leonardo figure?

By July 2, 2015News

While surfing Twitter I stumbled across more pictures of the new 1/6 scale comic style TMNT figures from Mondo. These figures, as mentioned previously, will be on display at SDCC 2015 and will feature all four turtle brothers.

There was some confusion on whether the masks could be changed or whether there would be two different figures for each turtle. Well here is your answer! The heads will be interchangeable so you can have Leonardo wearing his comic book red mask or simply switch the head to have him sport the blue mask.

More pictures have surfaced and the figures keep looking and sounding even better. Their appearance comes across as a mix between the NECA style turtles and the 2k3 designs. BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE!

Each figure will come with an accessory that is character specific. Leonardo will come with Shredder’s destroyed gauntlet from issue #1 or an Utrom! If that isn’t exciting enough for you then this will do the trick! Mondo has plans to release Casey Jones, Shredder and The Foot which will also be based off of the original Mirage comic series…my dream is coming true!! This is all of course if the sales go well, which how can’t they with these gems!? ┬áCheck out the pics and news here!

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