SDCC 2015 Has Arrived: Mondo 1/6 TMNT Are Unreal

By July 9, 2015News

Pretty much everyone around the Country, and world for that matter, knows that the San Diego Comic-Con for 2015 is now underway. With that said, we are treated with some better images of previously discussed toys and more surprises.

The figures that I am most excited about this year are the Mondo 1/6 scale TMNT figures. Not only are they based off of the original Mirage comics but they come with gnarly accessories and a Mouser two pack was just announced (with pics!).

These guys will come with interchangeable heads and some of the coolest accessories I have seen from any toy company. These include baby turtles, an Utrom, Shredder’s gauntlet, a Casey Jones mask, a grappling hook, Kirby’s gauntlet (from the Donatello one-shot!), pre-mutated Splinter and more! The Mouser two pack comes with three rats as well. The price is rumored to be around $150 a turtle, which I feel is very reasonable for this type of quality! Below you can see more images and when each turtle will be up for pre-order.

Leonardo- July
Donatello- August
Michelangelo and the Mousers- September
Raphael- October

More images and information: HERE

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