The Last Mondo Turtle: Raphael Tuesday 1/19

By January 14, 2016News

I received an email yesterday afternoon from Mondo informing me that the last of the four brothers, Raphael, would be going up for Pre-Order next Tuesday January 19th. As you may recall, I have a subscription for the Mondo TMNT figures. Therefore, this email may contain information that isn’t in their normal mailing list email. Below is what I received!

Thanks again for subscribing to the 1/6 Scale TMNT Series!
Next week, Raphael – the hot-head of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – will be going up for Pre-Order! As a subscriber, you will receive the Mondo Exclusive version, limited to 500 pieces, which includes Casey Jones’s Hockey Mask!
This email is to notify you that your account will be charged $165 on Tuesday, January 19th. The payment includes $150 for the Mondo Exclusive Raphael ($10 off of the normal retail price of $160) plus $15 flat-rate shipping. No action is required at this time.


I’m very excited about the exclusive Casey Jone’s hockey mask! The images we saw of the Raph figure wearing the mask previously looked awesome. It is also worth noting that Mondo went back to putting up the figures at a random time, rather than announcing a specific sale time like they did for Mikey. This could change and be announced in their regular mailing list email though! Good luck and I hope everyone that wants Raph is able to snag one! 🙂 Thank you for reading!

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