Throwback Thursday: My Collection

By February 5, 2015Collections

It’s no secret that the 2003 TMNT cartoon series is my favorite to date, along with its corresponding toy line, as I have mentioned it on several occasions. Last week, I featured the Shredder Clones from this line and this week I am going to feature the four green teens.


These sculpts are some of the coolest TMNT figures to date. They combine the darker comic look with a cartoonish look. That combination creates awesome looking figures with great poseability (is that a word?). Playmates gave the TMNT each a  different shade of green, as seen in other incarnations, and different facial expressions.


Donnie comes with his signature bo staff, two throwing stars, a sickle looking sword and an ax. The sickle and ax connect together, which can be used similar to a bo staff (which I just realized after doing some research).


Raphael comes equipped with twin sais, two throwing stars and a pulley (I think I have the pulley rope somewhere but could not locate it).


Leo comes with his signature katanas, two suction cup grips and two throwing stars. Leo was a very serious character in this cartoon and I feel that Playmates did a good job of capturing his emotion by his facial expression.


Last, but certainly not least, here is a look at Michelangelo. He comes with his nunchaku, two throwing stars and a climbing box(?). Gotta love random accessories!

After photographing these figures and getting them back in my hand, it makes me miss the 2k3 cartoon and I think it calls for some episode watching! Thanks for reading.

EDIT: I will post pictures of the backs of the turtles so that you can see their shells. I am still not feeling great but wanted to keep up with the Throwback Thursday so this is what I was able to finish up for this week.

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