Throwback Thursday: My Collection

By February 12, 2015Collections

I had several different ideas planned for this week’s addition of Throwback Thursday: My Collection but I was unable to get everything written up and pictures taken in time due to being ill.

That is OK though because I am still going to be featuring one of my favorite figures. My idea before was to give the figures a break from the TBT installments but that won’t be happening until next week.

So let’s get to it! Back in 2006, April 15th to be exact, the 2003 TMNT cartoon ended on a cliffhanger episode titled “Ninja Tribunal”. I recall being excited when this happened because of the mystery surrounding these non-human wooden masked warriors who took the TMNT captive and were sailing them off to some unknown location.

Then, out of nowhere, the 2003 series saw the TMNT transported to the year 2105. I was left scratching my head and wondering if we would ever get to see what happened after the turtles were captured by those wooden warriors.

Luckily the episodes for the “Lost Season” were found streaming on Youtube, eventually on DVD, and I would forever have a different image of the Shredder.

This season featured a Shredder described as being the one true Shredder, the Tengu Shredder (picture below), and he was pretty badass to say the least. Of course the collector in me had to see if there were any figures even remotely close to this character. Playmates never made an official Tengu Shredder but I was able to track down something that was close in my eyes. When I say close, I mean a darker looking almost demonic Shredder.


After some researching, and disappointment due to the pure awesomeness of the Japanese style Demon Shredder figures and knowing I couldn’t afford them, I found a Shredder figure that was produced in 1995 in a line called Supermutants. The figure appeared to be larger than its OT figure counterparts and slightly resembled Tengu Shredder. Immediately I searched all over to try to find this guy. What I found were high prices and mainly MOC figures. However, I wanted a loose Supermutant Shredder to compliment the 2k3 figure line.

Then I saw it. A TMNT figure lot on eBay containing Supermutant Shredder. I contacted the seller to see if he would break up the lot and just sell me the Shredder. The seller agreed to this, for a very generous price that has slipped my mind, and the rest is history!





A look at how he fairs against the 2003 Playmates toy line.


I would say he looks pretty good standing next to 2k3 Leo. I hope you enjoyed seeing this rare figure as much as I enjoy having in my collection. Happy Thursday!

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