Throwback Thursday: My Collection

I missed last week’s Throwback Thursday: My Collection but I am going to get back on track this week. Today I am going to feature a Mirage Studios TMNT comic from the original volume 1 series.



This is clearly not one of the rarer issues from  volume 1 of the TMNT comics but it has a fun little story behind it for me. There was a comic show in the Pittsburgh area a few years back and I talked my brother and friends into going. They aren’t as nerdy as I am but they are always up for a good time and some laughs. The Batmobile was supposed to be there but for some reason it was nowhere to be found. It was a much smaller show than we expected too but we made the best of it.

I wanted to add a TMNT comic from volume 1 somewhere between issues 1-10. When I saw issue 8, I thought it would be a nice addition to my collection. I may have overpaid a little bit at $6.00 but it makes for a good memory and is a cool story to add to my growing TMNT comic collection.


Issue 8 is also the first appearance of the ditsy character and time traveler, Renet. Renet has been featured in the 2003 cartoon along with the new IDW series. She always makes for some interesting stories. Cerebus guest stars in this issue too but I honestly don’t know much about the character and he never intrigued me enough to care.


Issue 8 is also the first appearance by Savanti Romero. I love Savanti! I am not even sure why but it was great seeing him in the 2k3 cartoon as well, which made for some great episodes. Maybe I enjoy the character because dinosaurs are present in some of the stories that he is included in and dinosaurs are cool?

Well, there you have it for another Throwback Thursday: My Collection. Have a great Thursday!





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