Throwback Thursday: My Collection

Remember when Playmates Toys used to create completely new molds for their turtle variants rather than just slapping a few different paint apps and accessories onto each basic turtle? Well some of the coolest vintage TMNT variants were the Sewer Sports All-Stars TMNT figures. Why you ask? Because what kid (or grown man) doesn’t love sports!?

That brings us to the Throwback Thursday: My Collection item of the week, Slap Shot Leo!


I got this figure in a lot on eBay a few years back around the holiday season. I was in college and I had some refund money so I was gobbling up vintage TMNT lots, keeping the ones I needed and selling off the rest. It was much cheaper this way to get a hold of the figures that I wanted and sometimes I made some extra money (when I wasn’t keeping the figures that I swore I was going to sell…it’s an addiction, I tell ya!).

This particular lot featured 79 figures, 78 loose with accessories and this Slap Shot Leo still in the package. The card is pretty dinged up in the bottom left hand corner but I am a big hockey fan so I decided that it was a cool item to keep in the package. Plus looking at it now, the dinged corner isn’t as terrible as I thought it originally was.

Slap Shot Leo plays for the Underground Icebreakers, plays the center position, was a 1st round draft choice, has a career 1,128 goals and comes with a hero-headed hockey helmet, two turtle-shelled power pucks and a hard-shelled hockey stick. The back of the carding also features a section that can be cut out, mimicking a little hockey rink.


So I have one question for you…are you turtle enough to play in the Turtle Hockey League (THL)!?





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