Throwback Thursday: My Collection

By February 26, 2015Collections

It’s time for another edition of Throwback Thursday: My Collection. This week I have two different items from my collection that I am going to feature.


First up, I have this sweet purple fanny pack with a yellow strap. I remember seeing a picture of my brother rocking this back in his prime. If I can find that photo, I will indeed post it. The designs are starting to chip off a bit but it isn’t in too bad of shape for being over 20 years old.


Underneath the crease, we see Donatello and Leonardo sparing one another with some pretty heavy duty sparks flying. My guess is that the winner gets the last slice of pizza.


Next up is a 1990 bandana/handkerchief featuring all four brothers, pizza, and mini turtles with their corresponding colored headbands. These little guys are really cool looking! With the slogan “Time for a Pizza break” I am wondering if I should be carrying this around with me next time I go to the pizza parlor in case I get some sauce on the cheek.


Here is a closer look at the artwork on this item. Leo must be feeling sick because his shell is even green!


A little closer look at baby Donnie. With that facial expression, it looks like he could still raise some shell!

After writing this TBT post, I have realized something. I have been wasting some really cool items by keeping them in storage. I think it is time to sport these two fashionable pieces and give a go at bringing them back for 2015! Thank you for reading!

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The Sewer Den
6 years ago

I’ve got that same fanny pack and it looks exactly like that – kind of smushed & worn. We can be fanny pack buds.

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