Throwback Thursday: My Collection

By March 5, 2015Collections

It doesn’t feel like that it should be Thursday already. I had to double check just to make sure that it was. Time flies when you play with your action figures! After confirmation, here are a few items from my collection for Throwback Thursday.



The Punk Frogs were some of the great characters from the early episodes of the 1987 TMNT cartoon. They were accidentally mutated and then tricked by Shredder to join him against the TMNT (Later they would become acquaintances of the turtles). Playmates Toys decided to release two of the four members from the Punk Frogs in plastic form: Genghis Frog and Napoleon Bonafrog.


In 1989, Genghis Frog became the first member of this faction to have his own figure. Genghis was packaged with multiple accessories and was brightly painted to resemble a beach bum look (yes, Playmates used multiple paint apps on their figures at one time!).


Genghis came with a tongue gun, a radical razor-sharp boogie board, surfin’ shades and a beach bandolier with cola can grenades.


A year later, in 1990, Genghis Frog’s surfin’ siblin’ from the south Napoleon Bonafrog received the plastic treatment. Again, this Punk Frog featured brightly colored clothing along with a peace sign necklace, a watch and some flip flops (look at those toenails).


Napoleon Bonafrog came with a foot-swatter, a serpent slasher, a sewer gas shield and Flyboy. As you can see, the only accessory that I own is Flyboy. I will complete him someday!

Thank you for reading and be sure to keep your eyes peeled as Playmates Toys will be releasing two of the Punk Frogs from the new Nickelodeon series later this year! This time around we will again be getting Napoleon Bonafrog, but in his new look, along with a first time figure of Atilla.

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