Throwback Thursday: My Collection

By March 12, 2015Collections

A few years back, before the 2012 Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series aired, I was buying TMNT figure lots on eBay. Why did I mention before the 2012 cartoon aired? Easy, you could go on eBay and get great deals on figure lots. Now prices have skyrocketed with the TMNT being so popular again.

I remember a particular lot quite well as it included over 70 figures, with most coming complete or at least with a few accessories. It was around Thanksgiving and I was on break from college. Let’s just say Christmas had come early that year as the anticipation was sky high for these guys to come in the mail. All of the figures were from the 1987 cartoon and had everything ranging from the four brothers to some of the later figures, such as Robotic Bebop.

My plan was to buy these figures, maybe keep a few, and resell the rest. Well…I hung on to the majority of the lot as the turtles were the rare soft head versions and having them complete could be a once in the lifetime opportunity for the price I paid.

Another figure that I just couldn’t let go of was the 1994 basic line Krang in his android body. I never owned this figure as a child and I wasn’t going to have that same fate as an adult.


Here is a look at Krang in all of his glory. “Saaaaakkkkiiii, I love my new boooddyyy”.


A side view of the android body. Also, take notice as to how much Playmates paid attention to small details by applying paint to mostly every part of this figure.


Krang’s android body is lacking in articulation but honestly that is how this figure should be made. Krang always looked bulky and stiff in the cartoon so I feel that this figure was very well made, in all aspects really.



Krang was packaged with an attachable cranium claw, a dimensional communicator, a mutant mobile walker and an android laser blaster. My collection does not contain any of these accessories but this figure looks absolutely awesome even without them.


Krang comes out of the android body which is something that maybe doesn’t seem like a big deal but it again shows how Playmates Toys went all in with the old toon figures. They could have easily kept him stranded in the body but chose to give us an evil little plastic removable brain.


Nothing but pure evil in those eyes….

Thank you for reading and I hope that seeing Krang gave you the itch to go dig out those Fred Wolf TMNT DVDs!

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The Sewer Den
6 years ago

Great pick! One of my favorite figures. I remember being the happiest kid in the world when I got him.

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