Throwback Thursday: My Collection

By March 19, 2015Collections

For today’s Throwback Thursday: My Collection, I am going to feature a vehicle/figure set from the 2006 TMNT Fast Forward cartoon.


This vehicle is called a Shell Speeder and it belongs to Leonardo. As you can see, Leo is included and is decked out in his FF look. I have yet to open this piece as it is quite rare. The box is a little faded and came this way when I purchased it. My guess is that it found some sunlight while in the hands of the previous collector.


I have only seen a few of these show up on eBay and this particular vehicle popped up around Christmas several years back. My brother was well aware that I wanted to add this toy to my collection and he graciously bid on it for me and won. It was a great gift and holds even more meaning to me than the rareness alone.


Here is a better look at the figure and its features. The Shell Speeder can fire missiles and transform into two different shapes. Leonardo comes equipped with both katanas as well.


The back of the box features another look at the Shell Speeder and Leo, along with other figures and vehicles from the Fast Forward TMNT line.


As you can see, Raph also has a Shell Speeder vehicle/figure set. I believe that I have only seen him one time on eBay. The other two brothers come packaged with a vehicle called a Steel Wheel. I do own these two but I may feature them later on down the line so we will leave it at that.

Although short lived, the Fast Forward TMNT line produced some nice looking figures and vehicles. Thank you for reading and happy Thursday!

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The Sewer Den
6 years ago

What a crazy vehicle. Very cool though.

Casey Jones Bones
Casey Jones Bones
6 years ago

Can we get a video of you taking them out of the box and playing with them?

We need to make sure they’re fun.

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