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With the recent debut of Hun in the Nickelodeon TMNT cartoon, I decided to stick with a Hun theme for this week’s Throwback Thursday: My Collection.


The Hun character was created for the 2003 TMNT cartoon series. Although he appears in other incarnations of the turtles, he played the most prominent role to date in the 2k3 series as Shredder’s right-hand man, leader of the Purple Dragons and of course a villain against the TMNT and company.

Playmates Toys released a figure of Hun for their 2nd series in 2003 alongside his most hated rival Casey Jones. Hun is responsible for the killing of Jones’ father, which is what sparked their rivalry. April O’neil was the third figure released in this 2nd series.


Hun wears the tattoo of the foot clan on his right arm which is an inverted version of the Three-Toed sign of the Dragon.


On Hun’s left arm, he has the Purple Dragon’s tattoo. The image is a little dark but you can see a scar on Hun’s face as well which was caused by Hamato Yoshi’s pet rat, Splinter. Hun was with Shredder when he attacked and killed Hamato Yoshi while retrieving information about the Utroms. Splinter tried defending his master by scratching Hun’s face, which in other incarnations is Shredder’s outcome from his visit to Yoshi’s establishment.


This figure features a push button that activates the left arm when it is straight up in the air, causing a slamming motion. There is not a whole lot of articulation on this figure but I can’t imagine Hun being very flexible with his massive size.


Hun comes with two arm gaunlets as his accessories.


The left arm gauntlet is pretty cool looking as it is modeled after a dragon.


That’s all folks for this week’s Throwback Thursday: My Collection!

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