Throwback Thursday: My Collection

By April 2, 2015Collections

I am going to dedicate this week’s Throwback Thursday: My Collection to my brother. I know you are thinking, “Why is that White Foot Soldier?” and I would respond with “Because he bought me not just cover A but also cover B of IDW’s TMNT issue #44 as an early birthday present and is the best big brother out there!” I won’t spoil it in case you haven’t read it yet. There will, however, be a review shortly so be on the look out for that!

Let’s cut to the chase. My brother and I grew up in the late 80s and 90s so we shared a passion for the boys in green. Our parents bought us the action figures and the two that I am going to discuss produce very vivid memories of my childhood.


They are the Pizza Tossin’ Turtles! I do not recall which one belonged to me and which one belonged to my brother. What I do know is that they both belong to me now. I will never forget shooting the pizzas out of these guys in my kitchen as a youngster. It saddens me to say that I do not own any of the accessories so my pizza shooting days are over.


Two things stick out while viewing the backs of these guys. First off, there is a slot at the top of the shell where the pizzas would fit in, had I not lost them as a child. Secondly, these guys have tails!! 🙂 I love seeing tails on the turtles because of them being prevalent in the Mirage comics. A nod to the roots, guy!


Both Raphael and Leonardo have a lever action on their right arm that acts as the trigger for firing pizzas out of their front.


Look at those hideous faces! Big eyes and big teeth…you would think that these guys were cartoon characters or something.


Each turtle contains their own unique shooter attached to their abdominal region. Raphael features a pizza oven, while Leo features a deep dish pizza launcher. Looks delicious with all of that meaty goodness!

Playmates Toys produced all four turtles for this line and released them in 1994. Thank you for reading and have a great Thursday!


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