Throwback Thursday: My Collection

By April 9, 2015Collections

Today’s Throwback Thursday: My Collection features an item that I, and many others, would consider the holy grail of the 2003 TMNT cartoon series figure line, Quarry.


Growing up, I mainly collected loose figures but when I found Quarry at my local Walmart and heard about the rareness of this figure, I decided to keep her in the package. I did the same thing for Karai but decided to open her a few weeks later…wish I hadn’t!

You will be confused by this statement but this Quarry isn’t the same one that I found at Walmart that day. Let’s just say there was a little accident and that figure is now in my loose collection. The MOC Quarry that I now own was purchased on Amazon after my little incident with my first Quarry. I don’t recall the exact price I paid, the receipt is at home, but if memory serves me right, it was under $20.00 shipped. If you know anything about this figure, you would know that that is an absolute steal.


Quarry, whose human name is Sydney, first appeared in the “Notes from the Underground” three part episode story line. Sydney was apart of a group of people kidnapped from the New York City streets by Oroku Saki and mutated into monsters. The figure itself is a great interpretation of Quarry. She comes packaged with a crystal moon staff and a shield.


The first thing that catches my eye from the back card is the Purple Dragon figure. I have always been a huge fan of the Dragons and it disappoints me to this day that Playmates Toys decided to cancel out on the Dragon action figure. This series featured great characters/figures overall. Actually, the figures from this era are some of the rarer ones from this line.

Quarry is limited in terms of articulation but the paint apps are great and the color scheme matches up well with her onscreen look.

Thank you for reading and happy Thursday!!


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