TMNT Chocolate

By May 18, 2015News

The other night I was grocery shopping at Weis Markets and to my delight, found a bag of TMNT mini chocolate bars.


The chocolate bars come in this nicely designed bag featuring the four brothers. I don’t remember the exact cost but it is cheap chocolate so you won’t be paying a whole lot if you come across these.


Each bag contains four different wrappers that feature each one of our hero turtles: Don, Leo, Raph and Mike.



Upon opening your chocolate, you get to read some fun little trivia notes. It is kind of like a fortune cookie…OK so it’s not but it is a nice little addition to an already fun chocolate bar idea! The chocolate itself is just normal little rectangle chocolate bars. Now that I am thinking about it, I should have taken a pic of the actual chocolate. You really aren’t missing much as it is just your normal run of the mill chocolate.

So if you are craving some cheap tasting chocolate with fun TMNT facts, visit your local grocery store! Thanks for reading and have a great week!



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The Sewer Den
6 years ago

These are hilarious! They look like little bars of soap before you unwrap them. Hopefully I can find them in my neighborhood.

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